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23,740 ₳


34,976,260 ₳


35,000,000 ₳


# 5,356,601
First Mainnet Block
53d2e076 ... 831d9837
February 18th 2021, 2:37:39 am UTC
In your wallet look for

Ticker: GAMER

Gamer Staking Pool: A Stake Pool Created by an IT Troubleshooter

An established stake pool founded by a tech professional with a career spanning three decades, Gamer Staking Pool is your trusted nest for delegating your Cardano (ADA) tokens. Let's get real. Anyone can get the hardware and software needed to get a staking pool going. In fact, that's precisely the problem. Too many people are doing it without the expertise, knowledge and passion for the long haul. They think they can learn the ropes of a complex, continually changing industry just because they want to chase the next big thing.

Gamer Staking Pool is a staking pool built on three decades of zeal for tech. Staking with Gamer Staking Pool is the simplest thing you'll do. Our goal is to give our delegates the absolute best return on stake (ROS) while operating on the principles of efficiency and transparency.

The Story Behind Gamer Staking Pool

I founded Gamer Staking Pool after working as an IT professional for 31 years. I've seen tech transform in every way you can imagine during those 31 years of supporting the IT assets of some of the biggest companies in the world. During my career, I worked on projects for ESPN, Marriott and many more. I also spent some time as a computer teacher out of a desire to help the up-and-coming generation discover their own passion for tech. In fact, the same desire to instruct and encourage kids in the classroom using my carefully honed IT skills drove me to dedicate my time and experience to helping people get into cryptocurrency via ADA (Cardano).

In my career, I lived and died by the troubleshoot. Those of us in the IT crowd are synonymous with fixers. We wake up every day with a mind to solve intricate, complex problems that have the potential to cost companies millions of dollars in lost time and assets if they aren't handled with cosmic precision.

While anyone can get the hardware and software to get a staking pool going, few can say they've been in the trenches troubleshooting in a vast array of systems for 31 years. With Gamer Staking Pool, you're getting a level of expertise that allows you to sleep at night.

The road to Gamer Staking Pool began in 2015

During a struggle with heart problems, I experienced three heart surgeries and a stroke in a short amount of time. As a result, I lost my ability to do a lot of the things I had enjoyed doing before my health issues. However, these health problems could not damper my fire for tech. Finding myself with even more time than ever before to be at the keyboard, I began dabbling in crypto and blockchain development. This led to getting Gamer Staking Pool off the ground as a way to help others enter the crypto arena. I do what I do because I believe that everyone should have access to cryptocurrency and blockchain regardless of how tech-savvy they are.

If you're looking for a trusted staking pool for delegating your Cardano, look no further than Gamer Staking Pool. When you do, you'll always have a troubleshooter who knows how to fix problems working hard for you behind the scenes. Gamer Staking Pool handles all of your maintenance, updates and operations automatically without the need for you to be preoccupied with managing your stake. Of course, you stay in full control of your funds through it all.

In your wallet look for

Ticker: GAMER

Together, we will maximize your return.

In your wallet look for

Ticker: GAMER

Rewards Timeline

Staking in the Gamer Staking Pool today, this will be your timeline to receive rewards.

Epoch Today 1 - 5 days

Initial delegation to a stake pool

In order to stake your ADA, you will need to move your funds to a wallet that supports staking, such as Daedalus, Yoroi, or AdaLite.

Then choose the GAMER pool

A 2 ADA deposit is required to delegate your wallet. You can get this deposit back if you undelegate your wallet. There will also be a transaction fee for registering your wallet to stake (about 0.17 ADA), which you will not get back. This fee will also be assessed any time you choose to move your stake to another pool.

Your newly delegated stake will be included in your chosen stake pool at the beginning of the next epoch, as we explain next.

5 days after

First stake snapshot

The accounting periods on the Cardano blockchain are called epochs. These occur every five days, and are the periods of time in which pools produce blocks and delegators earn rewards.

The number of blocks a pool is eligible to produce is a random process governed by the amount of active stake in the stake pool. Active stake is the amount of ADA delegated to a stake pool during the stake snapshot that occurred at the beginning of the previous epoch..

10 days after

Rewards are earned

Once your stake has been included in a stake snapshot, it will become active during the following epoch, which means it is eligible to earn rewards. You will earn a share of your stake pool’s rewards based on the amount of stake you have in the pool. The more blocks the pool produces during the epoch, the more rewards you will earn.

15 days after

Rewards are calculated

After each epoch has concluded, the rewards for each of the stake pool’s delegators will be calculated based on the number of blocks produced by the pool.

Every 5 days to infinity

Rewards are paid!

The rewards you earned during an epoch will be paid out at the beginning of the next epoch (1 full epoch after the rewards were earned). These rewards will be automatically included in your staked balance (and hence you will earn compounding returns on your delegation!), so you don’t need to manually claim your rewards every epoch in order to have them included.

It will take 15 to 20 days between the time you first delegate your ADA and when you receive your first reward payout. After this, you will receive rewards every epoch (5 days) which were earned by your active stake from 2 epochs prior.

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